I’m sure you’ve heard people say that team is everything and ideas are worth nothing. I think this mostly true, though I’ve run into many entrepreneurs who believe that it’s mostly their idea is what will make them successful. They are usually the ones who make you sign an NDA just to give you a glimpse of their project.

If we assume the best way to ensure your success is to put people first, how exactly do we do that? In this talk I go through the most important principles to put people first.

Concepts like:

  • Giving Effective Guidance
  • When and where to give Guidance
  • Dealing with bad habits
  • How to deal with bad meetings
  • Understanding your human tendencies to make up stories and get defensive
  • Resisting defensiveness
  • Conflict resolution
  • How to be a coach
  • Growth vs Fixed mindset
  • How to give effective feedback
  • Celebrating and appreciating people
  • The importance of vision and goal setting

Many of these principles I learned working with Laura and Stephanie from Key Talent Solutions.  If you want to help your team grow in these areas, get in touch with them.